Terms of Service

Please read each category carefully, if you have any questions please refer to our FAQ or Contact Us

Spiltgrapesoda reserves the right to deny any customer service for reasons to be determined by spiltgrapesoda. This includes if the commissioner is rude, threatening or otherwise unreasonable.

Harassment, determined by spiltgrapesoda, is not tolerated in any way. Should the commissioner display harassment of any sort, spiltgrapesoda reserves the right to drop the project without any warning.

Additionally, spiltgrapesoda reserves the right to blacklisting commissioners. Being blacklisted is defined in this document as the barring from any further services.

Spiltgrapesoda DOES take payment plans at this point in time. However, in order to secure the commission, spiltgrapesoda requires a 30% non-refundable down payment. Final payments MUST be received BEFORE construction can begin. The commissioner is guranteed security through paypal’s good’s and services system. Late payment will result in a later completion or ship date. PayPal, once again, is the preferred form of payment. spiltgrapesoda is not responsible for lost or late payments. Shipping is not included in the price of the fursuit. Tax is not included in the quoted price of the fursuit.

Payment Plans:
Payment plans are relatively flexible. Overall, larger payments and less frequent are preferred. The usual norm is payment twice per month. However, it is acceptable should the final payment be ready before the monthly payment date to be sent early such that the suit may be started on a sooner date.

Spiltgrapesoda does not take deadlines of any sort. It is possible to ask about having the suit completed by a certain date, however, spiltgrapesoda is not obligated to meet this time span. It is possible to work around this deadline for an additional 50% of the cost of the suit should it be in reason.

The first 30% of the entire cost of the fursuit is nonrefundable. If it has been longer than 12 months and your project has not been started then you may request a refund.

If payments cease and contact cannot be established, your commission will be terminated, a refund will not be issued of any kind and you are no longer entitled to the commissioned suit or materials.

All full suit commissions must send in a duct tape dummy. To see how a duct tape dummy is built, please refer to the link below and follow it exactly. To finish, please write the name of your character onto the back of the DTD. (Note: This link was not made by spiltgrapesoda):

Please note that duct tape dummies must be built durably. The best way to achieve this is to layer it. Spiltgrapesoda is not responsible for duct tape dummies falling apart. Should it fall apart during the construction process as a result of poor duct tape dummy construction, it is the commissioner’s responsibility to redo it.

*DTD’s MUST be taped back together, NEATLY, and without over lapping the edges before being shipped to me! If a DTD arrives that has not been taped together or has been taped back together weakly (as in it will break apart if I stuff it) A $50 service fee will be charged due to the additional labor required.

*The best material for the base of a duct tape dummy would be a suit similar to the one in the link below* https://www.coverallsdirect.net/duponttm-tyvekr-coveralls-ty120.html These can be found at any Home Depot or Lowes.

*The DTD is REQUIRED to go down over your heels at the least. The entire foot is preferred.

*When make your DTD, Keep your arms at as straight out as possible.

*Tape as close to your arm pit as possible. Not doing so will result in lower mobility of your arms. We WILL NOT be responsible for ill-fitting suits due to poor DTD construction.

DTD’s must meet these standards to be used. If it does not, it will either need to be repaired or be thrown out and you will be asked to make a new one. If I have to repair it there will be a service fee. We are not willing to put my time and your money into something that very well may not fit due to the inadequacies of poorly made DTD.

All customers must be at least 18 years of age to commission a custom fursuit. There are no exceptions to this rule.

However, parents may purchase premade suits that occasionally become available on behalf of their child.

If the age written in the commission form is not correspondent to the client’s actual age, spiltgrapesoda reserves the right to cancel the commission WITHOUT REFUND and blacklist the client. ID will be requested and background checks may be done to confirm the customer’s age. 

We ask that you do not make any changes to the costume once the price and completion date are set. Any changes made after can cause the price or completion date to change. We will work with you to cover any details before the commission is accepted. Please do not hesitate to ask about changes, as some minor changes will not affect the price or completion time. Changes that will effect price and completion times include, but are not limited to: added colors, added markings, special requests, and anything that requires new materials to be ordered. 

Work in progress photos, or WIPs, will be provided through Twitter, Telegram, or Instagram. We love to provide lots of photos as we go, so please look closely at them!

Shipping is NOT included in the price for any suit work. This includes commissions, refurbishments or repairs. We usually ship with USPS, Fedex, or UPS.
At this time, we DO ship internationally.

Shipping within the United States usually costs around $75-$200.
Shipping internationally will vary. Please keep in mind that it will be expensive.

Spiltgrapesoda requires that all packages are insured to the full price of the suit that they contain, so please plan ahead as the more expensive your project is, the more it will cost to ship.

It is required that a colored concept is provided by the commissioner prior to sending in a form. Spiltgrapesoda is not responsible for including anything that is not present on the agreed concept art.

If the client is interested in an artistic liberty suit, concept art will be made for them.

Spiltgrapesoda offers free repairs within the year of purchase*. We are only human and sometimes mistakes are made, so we are happy to help out! Please send us a message so we can discuss the best course of action.

After a full year has elapsed, repairs are available, but at a cost. Pricing can be discussed depending on the damage to the costume.

Clients are required to thoroughly clean their costume before sending it in for repairs.

*Repairs within reason due to fault of maker. If costume has been fundamentally damaged by client (large tears, burns, or stains) the client may bear the responsibility of payment.

It is the responsibility of the commissioner to pay close attention to progress shots to ensure you get what you want. If you need something changed, it is important that you mention such. If it could have been changed at an earlier stage shown in the progress pictures sent to you and you did not mention your disliking of any aspect and voice it later when the head is further along and harder to fix, this will take more time and labor. This will result in additional fees.

Additionally, if you do not like a certain aspect of your suit, do not tell us “it looks great, I love it” or any variation that could lead us to believe otherwise. We welcome criticism and realize fursuits are large investments and you should get exactly what you pay for. Please do not try to spare our feelings if you do not like something we are doing. We try to be very accommodating and will not “dislike you for being picky”. You deserve to be picky!

Please note that spiltgrapesoda does not make suits based off of other fursuit maker’s style. Additionally, spiltgrapesoda refuses to make copyrighted characters as it is illegal.

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By submitting a commission form, you agree to all of the terms of service.