About Us




Sarah, is a fursuit maker based out of Western Washington.

She has been working as a self-employed costume designer since 2018 to fund her college career, pursuing a degree in communications. Creating wearable works of art has been an incredibly rewarding and therapeutic journey. Fursuit making has allowed Sarah to never stop learning new things; one of her favorite hobbies.

When she’s not feverishly sewing (which is most of the time), you can probably find her swinging through the Starbucks drive-thru for a Pink Drink, or fiddling with her 3D printers for the umpteenth time. She loves a warm bowl of pho or a Taco Del Mar burrito with lots of lime almost as much as she loves her pet lizards.

Even though she can’t remember people’s names to save her life, it’s been said that she has never forgotten a single obscure animal fact. While she claims to have a favorite animal, she constantly rotates between stingrays, opossums, and crows when people ask, so no one knows for sure. 



Lauren is a full-time hot mess with the occasional break for productivity. They live in the PNW with their garbage cat Indiana Jones on a few acres of property out of the city, with no noise and plenty of open field! During those brief bouts of productivity, when he’s not doting on his cat, there’s a high possibility they're either getting coffee, playing video games or playing DND on the weekends!

Lauren joined Sarah’s journey into SpiltGrapeSoda in 2018, helping with side projects and running errands in the beginning. He recently joined the team full-time in 2023, taking over social media management, administrative responsibilities, sewing assistant, and occasional livestream co-host duties. They are the self-appointed “Booth Butch” at conventions, being bubbly and handling money transactions and customer questions! They are always happy to help in any way possible, both in person and online!



Allow me to introduce Dylan Perry, a 26-year-old with a world of passions and a heart full of enthusiasm. By day, he's carving his path in the costume-making industry, constantly learning and growing in his craft.
But when the workday is done, you'll find Dylan embracing the joy of music, whether he's playing drums or experimenting with different instruments. He's not just about work and music, though. He's an adventurer at heart, often seen cruising on his longboard, finding a sense of freedom in every ride.

In his downtime, you might catch him exploring virtual worlds through video games, adding a sprinkle of digital adventure to his life. At home, he's a cat enthusiast with a feline companion named Nezuko. With two brothers, he's no stranger to lively debates and discussions, always ready to dive into thoughtful conversations.

With a blend of creativity, music, gaming, a love for Long Beach walks, and a knack for spirited debates, Dylan is on a journey of self-love and enjoyment.



Darby joined the team in 2022.
When she's not helping at home or at the shop you can find her partaking in one of her many hobbies, such as crafting, reading, or drawing. Darby has been dubbed the "Cricut Queen" and "The Master of Scents". When she is away from cutting out designs or making sprays you can find her doing any of the " busy tasks" that goes behind the scenes, such as inspecting eye blanks, organizing eye mesh and packing orders.
She is a big fan of boba, spicy foods and ice cream!



Roudy is a raccoon based out of Ontario, Canada.
He designed this website and is a raccoon.
He is also a raccoon.