Price Guide

These are all base prices. Prices will increase with the complexity of the design. You must get a quote from me for an exact price.

Basic: $100+
Puffy: $200+
Claws Add On: +$50

Nub (up to 9 inches): $50+
Medium (10-18 inches): $75+
Medium Long (19-32 inches): $90
Floor Dragger: (32 inches and up) $120+
Specialty Tails:
Curly: $100+
Dutch Angel Dragon (or similar, ie, many spikes, feathers, exc): $150+
Add ons such as spikes, feathers, or various other decorations including piercings will be discussed during the quote.

Arm Sleeves: $100+

Feet Paws: $200+
Claws Add On: +$50

Heads: $800+

Mini Partial: $950+ (Comes with a head, hand paws, and a tail)
Full Partial: $1250+ (Comes with a head, hand paws, feet paws, arm sleeves and a tail)

Full Suits: (Require a DTD)
Digitigrade: $2350+
Plantigrade: $2150+

Body Suits: (Require a DTD)

Plantigrade: $1000+

Digigrade: $1200+