Here’s a few questions that I get quite a lot that I don’t always have time to answer! Please read over these before you reach out to me.

Can I order just a paws/tail/body exc?

Unfortunately, I no longer take on small parts orders. At this point in time, all orders must include at least a head. I only allow people who have previously purchased a head to commission small parts to match it after their commission if they would like.

How old do I need to be to commission you?

I only accept commissions from people 18 and older. I currently do not work through parents of minors either. I will however sell premade suits to minors if an adult purchases it for them.

I am a minor/adult/alien from another solar system/exc and I can’t afford to pay for a fursuit, but I desperately need one. Can you make me one for free?

No. Fursuits are a luxury item and I promise you will survive without one. I am not the Bank of Grape and cannot afford to give out free animal costumes to everyone who asks.

When will your commissions open?

Usually, I have an estimate of when my commissions will open posted on the home page of my website. As the date draws closer, I will likely have an exact date of my commission opening published on my social media.

I am 10 years old and want to commission you in 8 years. Can I get a quote?

The short answer is no. Eight years is very far away and I have no idea if I will still be making fursuits in 8 years! If I am, I know that my prices will absolutely change by then, so even if I did give you a quote, it definitely wouldn’t be valid that far in the future.

How do you make ________?

There are lots of tutorials all across the internet on how to do most anything fursuit making related! I unfortunately do not have enough time to answer everyone’s fursuit making inquiries, so I usually point them out into the wilderness of the interwebs.

How does the commission process work?

The first step to getting a suit from me is receiving a quote. I only provide quotes to those 18 and up, or those that will be 18 by the time that my commissions open. You can contact me at any point in time for a quote through any of my social media platforms.
If the quoted price works for you, when my commissions open, you can apply for a commission via a google form link that I will provide. These slots are not first-come-first-serve. I choose projects based on a variety of factors.
If you are chosen, I will contact you directly and get an invoice set up! Once you pay in full, you’ll be placed in line in my queue!