About the Maker

Spiltgrapesoda, or Sarah is from a small town in Western Washington. When she’s not losing her mind over college, she likes to spend her time playing D&D, online shopping for things she doesn’t actually need, writing her novel, blacksmithing, or feeding her pet bearded dragon, Pancake, snacks. She loves flowers and various other plants and enjoys meeting new people.
Sarah has an addiction to any and all tea, Pho, and kiwi fruits. She enjoys being warm and her most prized possession is her heated blanket. She is a licensed cosmetologist, but works in IT.
She loves Supernatural, Welcome to Night Vale, Voltron, and various other nerdy things like that. She listens to a lot of old rock music, but adores Imagine Dragons and has seen them live in concert twice (The guitarist waved at her once).
Sarah is super friendly and hardly bites at all. She also is very sick of talking about herself in the third person.