About the Maker

Who is Spiltgrapesoda?

Spiltgrapesoda, or Sarah, is a fursuit maker based out of Western Washington.

She has been working as a self-employed costume designer since 2018 to fund her college career, pursuing a degree in communications. Creating wearable works of art has been an incredibly rewarding and therapeutic journey. Fursuit making has allowed Sarah to never stop learning new things; one of her favorite hobbies.




When she’s not feverishly sewing (which is most of the time), you can probably find her swinging through the Starbucks drive-through for a Pink Drink, or fiddling with her 3D printers for the umpteenth time. She loves a warm bowl of pho or a Taco Del Mar burrito with lots of lime almost as much as she loves her pet bearded dragon, Pancake.

Even though she can’t remember people’s names to save her life, it’s been said that she has never forgotten a single obscure animal fact. While she claims to have a favorite animal, she constantly rotates between stingrays, opossums, and crows when people ask, so no one knows for sure.